A new private dental surgery was opened on May 3rd 2010 with an aim to offer dental care on the highest level in a relaxed and cosy private atmosphere.

The practice is focused on conservative aesthetic dentistry. It includes preventive programs, minimally invasive approach to tooth decay treatment, root canal treatment and aesthetic reconstructions.

Our priority is a personal approach, an individual treatment plan and respecting your time and budget.


"We know more than just repair teeth"

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Our philosophy

Why do we do stomatology?

We believe that even a stomatologist's visit can be pleasant

Our goal is to have top medical team with professional educated assistants. 

We do our work with passion.

How do we do stomatology?

We do stomatology honestly with patience and work done precisely. We use top quality material and clinicaly tested procedures (Evidence Based Dentistry). Our standard is prevention. Dental hygiene is "headstone" of our dental practice. If prevention works, your teeth will be "healthy and beautiful".


What makes our stomatology special?

- Individual approach. 

- Client's health protection (high level of disinfection and sterilization).

- Our diligence - continuous education of whole team.

- Specialization in fields of stomatology = good quality care guaranteed - even though we will remain your family dentists. 

- Comfortable surrounding. 

- Modern technical equipment. 

- We can treat all your family members from the youngest to the oldest ones. 

- We are looking for the best variant of treatment which would functionaly and financialy fulfill your ideals.


Our team

MUDr. Pavel Kusák

Principal dentist

MUDr. Pavel Kusák graduated from the First Faculty of Medicine at the Charles University in Prague. During his studies he participated in research in the field of conservative dentistry. He also took part in the Student scientific expert activity (Studentská vědecká odborná činnost - SVOČ) at the First Faculty of Medicine in the field of endodontics and he got to the nationwide level. He attended a postgraduate course of aesthetic reconstructions according to Vanini and in the final international student competition ended first. He studied at the Faculty of Odontology, Malmö University, Sweden for one semester in the field of endodontics, prosthetics and jaw joint disorders and completed the scholarship successfully with a semester exam. He attended a one-week course in dental hygiene by MUDr. Jiří Sedlmayer and participated in specialist congresses and trainings.


He gained work experience while working at leading dental clinics in Prague.

MDDr. Radka Myšáková


MDDr. Radka Myšáková studied at the Faculty of Medicine at the Charles University in Hradec Králové and she graduated with honours. During her studies she obtained the Dean´s Award, a bronz medal. Since September 2010 she has worked as an independent dentist in a private surgery. MDDr. Myšáková specializes in conservative dentistry.

MDDr. Štefan Vojtek


MDDr. Štefan Vojtek earned his degree from dentistry at Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové at the Charles University. He graduated with honours. During his studies he already attended courses from conservative dentistry (endodontics and aesthetic dentistry) and prosthetics. He went through his practical training at leading czech dentists. MDDr. Štefan Vojtek specializes in conservative  and  pediatric dentistry. During his studies he was intensely improving his language skills, he passed french exam (DELF A2).

MDDr. Michal Šujan


Study of Dentistry graduated in the Medical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc. He graduated with a red diploma and the end of the study received a special scholarship Josefina Napravilova.
Already during his studies he participated in specialized courses and training. Completed an internship at the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Eastbourne District General Hospital in the UK.
He participated in the national student competition rounds - aesthetic reconstruction by Vanini.
He graduated clinical internships at major Czech workplaces. It focuses on preserving dentistry and endodontics.

MDDr. Michaela Urbanová



Bc. Štěpánka Prchlíková

dental assistant, dental hygienist

Expertise gained during her studies at the Faculty of Health University of Prešov, which successfully completed in 2009. She regularly participates in professional training and practical work in the field of periodontics, besides implementing educational activities in kindergartens and primary schools under the "Healthy Teeth".

Lucie Konečná, DiS.

dental hygienist

Iva Vítková, Inéz Cigánková, Irena Mlýnková a Hana Hudcová

Dental assistants


Bc. Marie Kusáková DiS.

Company representative


Sany a Niky

Our anti-stress four-legged colleague



CT rentgen

Surgery microscop


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